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Diventa arbitro di Football Americano
There was curiosity to see the 1st game of the young Panthers in the "adult football" and the terrible Borchi and GP's kids has played an outstanding friendly game vs the Bologna Neptunes, an expert team which are a couple of years thah they play 9vs9 football.

12-0 the final score for the silver and black, with a stunning punt return by "Malph" Malpeli, a great TD run by Tommy Monardi and a great defense that has blocked the rivals offense.

All the 30 players are involved in the game, with the 1st one game ever for De Dominicis Alberto, Biavardi Giulio, Chiarelli Giulio, Abdul Razzak Hani and Fumarola Michele and the great Stefano Dodi's comeback.

Now the last 3 weeks of practice before the 1st championship game, where the Panthers will face the Milano Falcons.

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