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Diventa arbitro di Football Americano

"A very young team with a lot of potential."

After 2 years, this Sunday the Panthers Under 21 team will be back on the field. Do you feel the pressure?
"My responsibility will be the same as usual: I'll try to help this young players to mature and develop their skills.

Which are the goals for this season?
"Help those guys to develop, so they could be able to play with the first team.".

Which kind of team is this Under 21?
"We have a team with a lot of talent in every key position. We just need a lot more constancy.".

Which team do you fear the most?
"The Reggio Emilia Hogs, without any doubt. They have a lot of players with experience in the IFL. A step below, there are the Bologna Warriors, the Rome Barbari and the Lazio Marines.".

Which is the differente between the Under 21 and the other categories?
"These guys has a lot of excitement. But they lack in technique, so we need to help them, sometimes starting from the fundamentals.".

Which is your opponent this Sunday?
"We'll play againt the Milano Rhinos. They have a good team. It will be a tough match.".

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