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Diventa arbitro di Football Americano

A poor first half and a lot of mistakes in the final two minutes resulted in a lost for the Pantere.

Parma, June 21, 2009 - With a poor start, the Pantere found themselves trailing 14-0 at the half-time.

But in the third quarter the black and silver defense stepped up and the offense finally went on the scoreboard with an inside run of Chiarelli.

The game was then decided in the last 3 minutes:

QB Tommaso Monardi tied the game with an outstanding play, one of the greatest ever seen in the franchise history. Then, on a 3rd&long, the Pantere seemed to have the momentum, but a facemask of Musi kept the Giganti drive alive. A couple of seconds later, the Giganti scored with a TD pass, with the help of a poor coverage of CB Diaferia, the league leader for the most interceptions made.

The 2 points conversion were stopped and the Pantere lined up for the ensuing kick-off, with one minute left on the clock. But another mistake killed the game: the Giganti opted for the squib kick and recovered it. Then they just run out the clock to seal the victory.

With this lost, the first of the entire season, the Pantere have been eliminated from the play-off.

It was a good season anyway, with a lot of good prospects and a bunch of interesting rookies. Now it's time for holidays, waiting for the training camp of late August.

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