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Marc Mattioli has been confirmed as Head Coach for season 2022. We were able to spend some word with him as follow.

[italian version]

Parma, September 23, 2021Hello Marc, you had an astonishing season in 2021, what are your impression about it?
It was a tremendous season. An incredible experience all around. Looking back, there were a lot of challenges we had to overcome as a team, and I thought we rose to meet those challenges consistently.
I thought we developed a competitive, physical team that played together. I am very proud of the guys on the team for how they played and how they stuck together through it all. Nothing was given to them, they earned their undefeated record and the championship.

What about your experience in Italy so far?
Italy is a wonderful place, obviously the food, the culture, the architecture. For me, the best part is the people here in Parma and the relationships I have formed here that is the most special. That is why I decided to come back.

After the season you were also involved to work with the Blue Team, how was it?
The Blue Team has been a great experience. I am grateful to Coach Guiliano for letting me be a part of it. It has been great to meet all those guys, players and coaches.

You are currently working with the young team, how it is going?
The youth team still has a long way to go from a development standpoint. But there is certainly a lot of talent in our youth program.
I am excited to see what the future holds for those guys.

What do you expect from next year?
2022 will be a whole new season from 2021. Nothing carries over.
We will have a different roster, different challenges, some different opponents. As nothing was given to us in 2021, the same will be true in 2022, we must earn everything we got.
I am looking forward to the new challenges and attacking them in the best way possible as they come.

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