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Diventa arbitro di Football Americano

Down by 3 with 90 seconds left, QB Tom Zetts leads the Panthers to an incredible comeback.

90 Second left, down by 3...... Tom Zetts lead Panthers to a EFAF CUP Final with an amazing drive.
Last play TD pass to WR Polenghi


Panthers Parma 33
Blue Devils 29
(10-7; 3-8; 6-0; 14-14)
Scorer: TD Fussenegger (B) +1Kellenberger; FG Gavesi (P); TD Mazza
(P) +1 Gavesi; FG Gavesi (P); TD Steffani (B) +2 Wilhelm; TD Mazza
(P); TD Steffani (B) +1 Kellenberger; TD Mazza (P) +1 Gavesi; TD
Wilhelm (B) +1 Kellenberger; TD Polenghi (P) +1 Gavesi.

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