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Third playoff defeat in a row against the Lions....

Panthers vs. Lions, remake of the last two Super Bowl, this year has been scheduled in the semifinal match. But the result is still in favour of the Lions: 48-35.

After a bad start (TD Lions on the first play thanks to a trick play, then two Panthers' bad snap in a row that gave posession to Bergamo near Parma red zone), the Panthers showed a great reaction.
At the end of the half, after two quarter of equilibrium, the first costly error of the day.
With Panthers facing a 1st down inside the own 20, Zetts under pressure throw a bad interception. The Lions capitalized the turn-over and the short field scoring a TD and took the lead.

In the second half, Corey Mazza, MVP for the Panthers, gave Parma the last lead of the game, before the black-out.
Bergamo answered with another TD. Then Zetts, despite the heavy pressure faced all day long, drove the offense inside the opponent territory. Without any open receivers, Zetts decided to scramble: strange pump fake well beyond the line of scrimmage, losing grip on the ball. On the following tackle, this lack of grip resulted in a fumble, returned for TD.
On the next drive, another punch for Parma. Bad snap directly into the end zone, the Lions recovered the fumble and took a 20 points lead.
Panthers offense tried anyway to came back, scoring a TD to cut the deficit to 13 points. Then a great job for the defense, 3&out, gave another chance to the offense. After a great drive, ended with a TD, the Panthers were traling by 6 with 5 minutes remaing in the ball game.
With momentum on Parma side, the Lions tried to react, but faced a 3rd&long. On the crucial play of the match, Bergamo was able to get a 1st down. Then gave the knockout blow to Panthers, scoring the the final TD of the game straddle the 2 minutes warning.
Parma tried the last assault, but the another interception across the goal line virtually ended the game.

Next Saturday, in Berlin, the last match of the season: the EFAF CUP final between Parma Panthers and Berlin Adler.

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