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Diventa arbitro di Football Americano

Panthers win 34-17 over the Doves in the last regular season game.

Panthers headed into the game after clinching the seed #3 in the play-off, while the Doves were fighting to gain the last play-off spot available.

Despite a good start for the Doves, with former Panthers Craig McIntyre picking off Tom Zetts, Parma came back with some great drives.
Coach Papoccia mixed runs and passes very well and the result was a great game either through the air (with Zetts hitting all his receivers, Fontanella, Gavesi, Mazza and Tunnera) and through the ground (with Ummarino and Ventorre moving the ball and the chains).
On the defensive side, the team played with attention, showing good coverage and great reactiveness. A couple of big play (an INT for De Pascalis and Kuhnel and a sack for big loosing yardage made by Shittu) enthused the fans.

Next Saturday the Panthers will face the Lions Bergamo, in the IFL semifinal game.

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