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Diventa arbitro di Football Americano
Just 5 days before sunday and a game that will be a real unforgettable event for Parma and the Panthers.

Yesterday TV Parma News has announced that John Grisham will be in town the next weekend.

Mr. Grisham will arrive saturday morning, he'll be guest in the City Hall in the afternoon and he'll participate in a conference at the Centro Congressi ex Eridania; at the end of this conference it'll be the big "première" of "PARMAMERICA", a documentary about the book Playing for pizza, our town and, obviously, our team.

Sunday morning, 10:30, mr. Grisham will be at the IFL championship presentation at the Hotel De La Ville and, finally, at the stadium Lanfranchi, where he'll do the game's kick-off.

There'll be many americans at the game, for sure Bill Piner and Joe Knoll, the Panthers coaching staff in 2004, where Panthers won the Silver League.
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