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An interview with Tommaso Monardi, the young Panthers QB who played with the Blue Team.

Parma, August 26, 2009 - Tommaso Monardi, 19 y.o., is the QB of the Pantere (the Panthers Arena Team) who played with the Italian National Team, this summer, in the European Championship.

Playing the European Championship with the Italian National Team: what has this experience given to you?
"It was an amazing experience that let me understand where I still have to work in order to improve myself. In addition I would thank Matteo Zucco (WR, Rivoli Black) and Diego Gennaro (DE, Bolzano Giants) for the help and the advices they gave me".

What did you think when when Head Coach Olivo sent you on the field against the Spain?
"I was wounded-up, it was the first time ever I played with the National Team; in addition I'm not used to play in front of a such big crowd. Anyway, when I went on the field, my only tought was to do my best".

One win and two loss: what does the team need to improve?

"We still have a lot of work to do, but the score against the Austria punished us more than we deserved. Too many mistakes killed us. But I think that this team, with more experience, can have a bright future".

Which are your best weapon and your worst lack?
I don't feel the pressure and I can read the defense very well. But I have to improve my quickness".

And now, after this experience, which are your projects?
"I'm ready to practice for the next season: I want to help the Panthers to reach the Super Bowl".

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