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An interview with Tommaso Antonetti, the Panthers offensive lineman selected for the Italian National Team.


An interview with Tommaso Antonetti, one of the three Panthers players selected for the Italian National Team for the European Championship (August 14-23, 2009).

What do you think about the rest of the group after the first day of training camp?
"I like this group. Me and the rest of the OL already went out for a dinner.".

What are your impressions about Brock Olivo, the Head Coach?
"He is great and has a good influence on the team. And he still has a good form: he could be one of the best players of the team".

Coach Olivo said that you are "one the best offensive lineman in Italy, smart and with a lot of experience. An example for his team-mate". What do you think about that?
"I'm very happy, because Olivo is not only the Head Coach of our National Team, but he is a former NFL player: I'm glad about what he said and this is an additional motivation for me.".

What do you think about your performance in your first training session?
"I've worked hard and showed a lot of intensity. I think everyone has recognized my commitment to this team".

Why Tommaso Antonetti has become one of the best OL in Italy?
"Because he likes food and eats a lot. Seriously, because I like this game, I like how I feel after an hard session of training: I could't live without that".

Why do you think that you deserved the selection for the National Team?
"Because I worked really hard in the past years, I've done my best. And I'll do my best every day.".

One more question: who is Tommaso Antonetti?
"He's an excellent Medical Doctor and an obstinate athlete.. but sometimes looks like a lazy Homer Simpson".

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