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With still 1 week to go in the regular season, the Pantere have already won their division

Parma, May 24, 2009 - In a sultry weather and without a couple of key players, the Pantere defeated the Drunken Irishmen 20-14 and won their division with still 1 week left in the regular season.

MVP of the day was RB Alessandro "Malpo" Malpeli: 2 TDs for him, the second after a spectacular kick-off return that closed the game.

QB Tommaso Monardi scored the other TD and TE Enrico Bergonzani converted the ensuing two-points conversion.

The bad news from today is the injury of LB Nicola Artusi: he will sit out for the remainder of the season.

The next game will be in Parma on June 6, against the Bologna Neptunes for the last regular season game. Then, the following week-end, the Pantere will play against the Padova Saints in the first play-off round.


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