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Diventa arbitro di Football Americano

Parma Panthers will face Bologna Doves without Ryan Tully, last game MVP. Kick-off Sunday at 3:00pm CET.

Head Coach Andrew Papoccia will wear pads and helmet in week 5 game against Bologna Doves, replacing injured Ryan Tully, out with a ribs problem.

The good news is that finally Parma recovers starting Center Matteo Ferrari and veteran LBs Alberto Lanzoni and Simone Sighinolfi.

Last year, the Panthers met the Doves twice and both games ended with a win for Parma. But this season Bologna has 3 talented USA players: one of them is former Kansas City Chiefs Chris Manderino.

"This week-end the weather could be a factor too" - said team president Ivano Tira - "It should be a rainy day. And our passing-based offense could be affected from the weather. Like last Sunday, teams could be forced to rely heavily on runs. And the Doves are built to rush the ball."

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