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Diventa arbitro di Football Americano

The Panthers did not disappoint the expectations and after a step back against the Lazio Marines returned to victory against the Ancona Dolphins with a result of 14 to 0.

An important victory in the pursuit of the championship on a poor field that did not help the Panthers passing .

The game started for the second time in a row with a great kick return by Craig McIntyre. A few connections between McIntyre and Craddock, were followed by a hand-off from Craddock to Tully who found a hole in the middle of the defense and finished in the endzone. The extrapoint by Gavesi was blocked and the score remained 6-0 for the Panthers.

The Ancona offense struggled without their starting quarterback and could not move the ball against a stingy Panthers defense.

A sack by Ancona on QB Joe Craddock left them with a great opportunity to score from the 5 yards line. After a first down stop, Marino recovered a fumble by the Dolphins young QB to put an end to the threat. The usual combination Craddock-Tully allowed the Panthers to break out of the endzone and reach midfield. After driving deep into the Dolphins territory, Marco Tunnera caught a pass in the back of the endzone, but was called out of bounds. Time expired in the first half and the score remained 6-0.

After halftime the black and silver finally succeeded to move the ball and arrived at the 3 yd line with a pass from Craddock to McIntyre. On third down the Panthers scored on a pitch to Tully. Coach Papoccia choose to go for 2 and a successfull pass from Craddock to McIntyre made the score 14 - 0. From here the Panthers had the game safely in their hands. The Dolphins shut down and the Panthers took advantage driving the ball to midfield on their next possession with a series of run by Tully and finished by Ndori.

The Panthers return again to "XXV Aprile" field of Moletolo against the Bologna Doves, with kickoff on April 5th at 3:00 pm CET.


Ancona Dolphins 0 0 0 0 0 0
Parma Panthers 6 0 8 0 0 14
1st Quarter
PAN TD Ryan Tully, 4 yd run (Emanuele Gavesi kick is blocked)
2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter
PAN TD Ryan Tully, 5 yd run (Joe Craddock pass to Craig McIntyre)
4th Quarter
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