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Diventa arbitro di Football Americano

2009 Efaf Cup roster was officially announced today. 60 players made the team and will be able to play in the european competition.

EFAF Cup roster includes the 40 players that made the team for the IFL competition, plus some USA players (available in case of injuries).


In addition, some players were promoted from the Arena Team: Monardi, Bergonzani, Malpeli Avalli and Pasini (who already made the EFAF Cup roster last year), plus some interesting prospects as Luca Aurilio, Francesco Marastoni, Giorgio Sgroi, Marcello Musi, Singh Gurdeep and Francesco Diaferia.

Opening game, Saturday April 18, when Parma will face the Black Panthers, a french team from Thonon Les Bains.

For more details, the entire roster is available here.

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